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  • M2 Mania at Essen 2017

    The F87 M2 could be found everywhere you turned at the 2017 Essen Motor Show. The little M car is growing in popularity and it's easy to see why; plenty of power, a nimble chassis and an involving driving experience to boot. It's been hailed as BMW's greatest ever M model...

  • Vorsteiner Wheels at Essen Motor Show 2017

    After our visit to the Essen Motor Show 2017, we've got plenty of blogs and mini features to put up over the coming weeks! To wet your appetite, we're kicking off with this F87 M2 sitting on Gold Vorsteiner Sport Forged SF-V 001. Wheels make or break a car, and the...


    White F30 3 Series models are becoming increasingly popular on the roads nowadays. Luckily we have a few options available to help make them stand out from the crowd! Joe came to us to give his car a little facelift, so to begin with we installed one of our MLook front...

  • E39 5 Series - New Wheels

    Here at MStyle, we've always been of the opinion that wheels can make or break a car. This point was proven yet again recently when one of our regular customers came in for a set of RS Style wheels and new tyres for his lovely E39. We sourced some BMW Roundel centre...

  • BMW M3 F80 - Carbon Package

      Let's make no bones about it - the F80 M3 is a good looking car from the factory, but they seem to lack the little details that you would expect to see on a present day M-Car. This problem can be solved with the MPerformance carbon additions available through BMW...

  • BMW E46 330ci - OEM+ Upgrades

    Very rarely here at MStyle do we see a car like this one. Paul, a regular customer of ours and the owner of this E46 330ci, is becoming quite the connoisseur of the E46 chassis. Not only does he own this timewarp example having only racked up 18,000 miles from new...

  • M140i - Suspension upgrades

  • E92 335i - Exterior styling

  • F82 M4 - Exterior Styling

  • Widebody E92 - BC forged wheels

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