With its carbon accents added to an already stunning example, this month’s COTM has to go to the F87 M2.

Even without these features, the M2 boosts an edgy look within the front bumper styling and indents vertically down the rear corners. Carly wanted to keep the edge going so we added a few more carbon touches to this white-as-snow beauty.


MStyle’s Carbon Fibre Bumper Inserts and Carbon Fibre Front Splitters really add to the edge of the face of the car. The contrast against the freshly smoothed and re-sprayed front bumper, gives the M2 a sleek but feisty look.

Carrying on the carbon detailing to the side of the car, we added MStyle Carbon Fibre Mirror Covers to complement the Carbon Sideskirt Winglets. Having put on some aftermarket alloys recently, she wasn’t quite happy with the fit so we used Bimecc spacers to adjust the offset which has now filled in those arches quite nicely.

Moving to the rear, Carly really wanted to show she meant business when leaving rival racers in a cloud of dust. By adding 3D Design’s Racing Rear Wing, she’s done just that, completing her edgy yet elegant styling for her M2. Amazing stuff!


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Bumper Inserts


Front splitters




Rear wing