In recent months, the used prices for the BMW F10 M5 have dropped substantially to the point now where you can pick up a 550BHP family car turned race car for as little as £20,000. In turn this means that more owners will be looking to modify their cars to express their feelings towards the car.

We have previously featured F10 M5’s but we feel, as these were somewhat of an unseen car to modify, the more that are arriving for work deserve a place as car of the month due to how special they are and how capable they are also.

This month's COTM varies slightly from the previous F10’s that we have featured. Its been modified in a way that doesn’t detract from the OEM look of the car but highlights the accents that make an M5 and M5.

On the front we have carbon kidney grilles matching a lower RK style front splitter. The RK front splitter sits in the middle of the M front bumper and bridges the gap gracefully between the two corners. As we venture round to the side of the car you will notice that carbon grille inserts have been added in favour of the OEM chrome ones. These are a popular part with M owners and it's easy to see why. Out of the corner of your eye you will notice that M Performance side blades have been fitted also. Moving around the rear of the car is where it really gets interesting. The OEM rear diffuser has been removed and super aggressive carbon finned diffuser paired with carbon tailpipes have been added. Overall this makes the rear stand out much more than it otherwise would have done and really shouts that it is indeed an M car and these parts alone, in our opinion, really compliment the personality of the car.

One HUGGGGEEE change that cannot be overlooked is that this car has been lowered with our popular springs and spacers package. At £500 for all the work, this is tough to overlook. Handling is improved meaning that the car will have much more reduced body roll when cornering, with spacers adding a wider track meaning that the power can be put down with much more ease.

As always the parts mentioned in this thread are available via us with fitting included at an additional cost. If you would like a quote on work then please contact us.

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