Here at Mstyle we love to taking a standard spec car and carrying out some exterior styling upgrades to give the look of the top range model. So we absolutely loved when we had a customer come in looking to upgrade the body of his 318D.

The customer decided he had to have the M3 conversion  carried out to his car, along with some extra added touches, the customer settled on a new set of wheels and with a budget given to us he left the extra touches to be carried out in our capable hands.

With the body kit now fully fitted up and the roof now painted gloss black. We set about adding the extra touches to finish this F30 off and make sure it had it's own stamp. First off we painted the rear diffuser gloss black to tie the front end in with our MStyle paintable front splitter and our twin slat gloss black grilles. Next on our list was to add the MStyle carbon performance spoiler in and the Carbon mirror over covers as everyone loves some carbon fibre.

Next up was to get the stance perfected, we used our Mstyle spacer kit this really brought the new wheels out and gave the car a much needed aggressive stance to go with the new bodykit.

The very final job was to carry out some lighting upgrades, we showed our customer the F30 angel eye headlamps. These were then teamed up with a xenon conversion.

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