The BMW 1M is a widely known and hugely appreciated in the BMW world for being one of the first M Cars to use turbocharging. Its wide hips give the 1M that well known M car girth, so it is no surprise that there is a huge array of 1 series owners that set out to replicate the infamous look of the 1M.

Replicating the look of an M car is a lengthy process that is far more involved than just swapping the bumpers. For those of you not clued up, the M Performance vehicles usually have a wider track meaning that for that to be replicated key body panels such as the arches need to be cut out and replaced. There are but a few handful of brave people whom have gone all out and done a full conversion including M performance running gear, suspension arms, body panels, interior ect but make no mistake this is a huge job in itself and you will need very deep pockets.

Recently a customer came in looking to mimic this look on his E82 135i. For those who do not know the 1M and 135i are two very different vehicles although they share similar looks the similarities end there.

On a budget we supply and fit front and rear bumpers, but these will not give you that sought after M performance width. Luckily, we have a solution for that. Whilst not cheap and requiring extensive surgery to the rear arches it is the closest you can get without having a genuine 1M at a fraction of the cost of owning one and maintaining one.

We supplied, fitted and painted a Prior Design E82 1M kit for this particular customer. Prior Design specialise in widebody kits for a range of cars. Usually those being in the higher end such as McLaren’s, Ferrari’s, Tesla’s and native German vehicles. Some of you may remember that we fitted a Prior Design kit to our F22 demonstrator car.

Enough rambling on, here is the work we completed.

Prior design 1M Kit for the E82 Includes: Front bumper, widened front wings, side skirts, widened rear arches and a rear bumper.

A quad exhaust conversion and back box delete is required with this kit also.

For more information or if you’re looking for similar work please get in touch.

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