Widebody cars are not your everyday spot on the UK road, in fact it's fair to say that if you see one then it can turn a bad day to a good day given how few there are and how awesome they generally tend to look. That exception stops here though. I was once one of those people who would see a widebody vehicle and end up with my face pressed against the glass like a child outside a sweet shop.

Widebody builds are one of many specialties that Mstyle offers on a regular basis. Not only do we work on Range Rovers but we have wide bodied supercars and your classic tuner vehicles.

A very good customer of ours saw what we had been doing and wanted in on the action. Not many people know this, but we are the UK distributor for Prior Design Germany.

In the last few months, we have worked on some seriously cool cars and the list appears to be growing. One of those many cars is this BMW X5. Now I know what you’re thinking, who would widebody an X5 and why? Short and simple answer is, why not? It's totally unique and something you won't lose in a carpark.

In terms of kits this is definitely one of the most aggressive looking kits on the market. Aggressive lines and the stumpiness of the E70 X5 bring the car to another level when it comes to looks.

You could go out and spend the money on an F15 X5 but in today's market they are hugely expensive and don’t offer the same unique styling that the E70 has. With the kit additions the E70 is completely transformed, what was once a standard car that no one would take a second look at is now a complete one of custom that rolls around on the UK roads turning heads wherever it goes.

As with most threads I'm going to stop rambling on and let the pictures do the talking.