Firstly, happy new year to you all and may this year be better than the last. Thought we'd start the year as we plan to go on with one of the newer cars on BMW's fleet, the G18 840i cabriolet. While only released  late 2018, this is not a car that we see very often if at all. The modified market for the 8 series is still in its early stages, with only a handful of companies producing additional styling and performance parts for the new model BMW.

Whilst BMW offers its own performance kit for the 8 series it comes with a hefty price tag, as to be expected. Those looking to add some enhanced style to their car without the hefty price tag are left with a handful of options. One that we have seen a lot more in the recent months is none other than Maxton design. Offering tasteful and wallet friendly aftermarket styling options, they provide a complete styling kit in a range of different finishes, the most popular being gloss black.

Other than just fitting Maxton design parts, we were able to fit down pipes to the 840i. What this does is give the car a more natural sound and as I like to call it, a soul. Most cars stock from factory sound good but the thought of knowing there is a whole bunch of potential to be unlocked by just adding or removing some key exhaust components makes it in my opinion one of the first modifications that should be done on a car. Not only does it give the car more sound but enhances the driving experience of the vehicle, hearing the car sing as you push 7000rpm and letting off some pops on the downshift is nothing short of addictive. You'll find yourself burying the go pedal more than usual getting lost in the intoxicating sounds the car is now making. Just be mindful of the law.

Fitting down-pipes is a very personal modification, it comes with a handful of drawbacks, the most common is present when it comes to MOT time. If you're lucky enough to not need one within the first 3 years then you're among a small percentage of lucky individuals, if not then it can in most cases produce some hiccups, easily rectified if you're well connected.

Adding to that all important immersive driving experience that BMW sells and we perfect is the power output. You've done all of the above and are in love with how the car looks and sounds but what about the performance side? The 840i is fitted with the infamous B58 3.0 6 cylinder turbocharged engine. These are hugely reliable engines anyway with very few known problems and they take exceptionally well to tuning albeit we have never seen one running serious numbers but equally we have never had one come to us with any issues from tuning. From stock BMW quote that the B58 makes 335BHP which is ample for cutting through B-roads. Remapped with the correct supporting modifications will see you just below just falling short of the 450bhp mark. Outlandish to think but only just reinforces the point that the B58 is a very capable engine with huge tuning potential.

All of the work mentioned in this thread, as always was carried out by us. If you would like to discuss any of the above please drop us a call or message us via the following: 020 8598 9115 / [email protected] / @MstyleUK

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