Car of the Month for July is dedicated to one of our MStyle Demo cars - our F83 M4. Fast Car Magazine have featured this car just after it had been completed, so it's only fair we use photos from when it was looking its freshest.

This car will be leaving us soon and we decided to honour it as our Car of the Month and tell you guys a little more about it before it goes. The car has a pair of Mosselman Turbo Systems Hybrid Turbochargers, de-cat downpipes, Mosselman exhaust system, and Mosselman tuning software, which results in a peak horsepower output of 620hp, a 200hp increase over standard!


The car has a real Jekyl and Hyde personality - it can be a civilised and comfortable daily driver for every day use, but leaning on the throttle a little harder will unleash a real monster when needed. The hybrid turbochargers use the original external housing as the original units, keeping the lightning quick response, but feature enlarged and strengthened billet internals to handle increased boost levels. They really do offer the best of both worlds!

This package is currently on offer here, and is a drive-in, drive-out service.

Being a Demo vehicle, it wouldn't be right to leave the exterior standard, so we have treated the car to a full carbon exterior package, consisting of:

MStyle Carbon Fibre Full Length Front Splitter

MStyle Carbon Fibre Sideskirt Extensions

MStyle Carbon Fibre Evo Rear Diffuser

MStyle Carbon Fibre Boot Spoiler

MStyle Carbon Fibre Kidney Grilles

MStyle Carbon Fibre Side Vents

The car was then sat on some 20x9.5 and 20x12 BC Forged 3-Piece wheels and Mosselman height adjustable coilovers with electronic dampening controls (controlled through OEM BMW EDC buttons).

It will be a shame to see the car go, but it makes way for bigger and better things - watch this space!

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