Some of you may recall that in late December 2019 we had an F10 M5 come and visit us all the way from Ireland for a full carbon fibre overhaul. Due to an unfortunate event with his previous car, the customer was forced to change to something new.

Little did we know at the time, but the customer opted for the same model, another F10 M5. We know that these are incredibly capable cars and amazing for crunching miles even if it does have almost 600bhp from the factory. This is dedication that we admire, and we’re also equally flattered that a customer has made the long trip back to come and see us, realistically though, who else would you go and see?

Looking for similar modifications to be made as per the previous car it was a simple job to do and meant we could get all the work done on the car within a matter of hours. This is one seriously modified M5 with the goal too look as mean as possible with comfort coming in close second. The customer tells us that since coming to see us he has fitted Xbox Series X screens to the front and rear of the car.

Performance modifications weren’t missed either, Eventuri Carbon Intake, lightweight carbon fibre wheels, Miltek exhaust was fitted and the car has a stage 2 map, which if Im correct will mean the car will be in the region of 700BHP.

Complete list of styling modifications are as follows:

Carbon Bonnet

Carbon Side Skirts

Front Carbon Corner Splitters

Carbon Mirrors

Carbon Roof Spoiler

Carbon Boot Spoiler

Carbon Front Vent Grilles

Carbon Side Vents

Carbon Antenna

Carbon Rear Diffuser


IMG-20210806-WA0002 (1) IMG-20210806-WA0004 (1) IMG-20210806-WA0005 (1) IMG-20210806-WA0006 (1) IMG-20210806-WA0007 (1) IMG-20210806-WA0008 (1) IMG-20210806-WA0009 (1)


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