Bodykits and styling upgrades are our bread and butter, with cars coming in daily for a host of styling upgrades there is very little we cant do. Our range of styling parts range from the E30 3 series to X5M, you will be hard pushed to find anywhere else that has such an array of styling parts that we do and at our prices, its easy to see why we're one of the best at what we do.

Something that we are frequently asked by owners is, can you make my car look like one of the M's? Whilst some maybe reading this and wondering why not just buy an M car there are a handful of reasons why this doesn't always work for everyone. Luckily we supply M look kits for the vast majority of models, such as the Prior Design 1M kit we talked about in our last COTM post.

The F31 3 and F11 5 series models, BMW never actually made an M version of leaving a lot of owners wanting more and more specifically wanting to replicate that look. A few have done but to properly achieve this you will need DEEP pockets and then even deeper pockets to finish the build. This is where we come in. Supplying M look bodykits for these vehicles has never been easier and more suited to the needs of the avid car enthusiast wanting that look.

Only very recently we had a customer after such a look for his F11 touring. M look front and rear bumpers, side skirt extensions and painted calipers. The owner had already had a quad exhaust conversion completed on his car prior to visiting us but with limited parts on the market we were able to complete the look with one of our M look rear bumpers. Of course the parts were colour coded to the car with an exacting paint match.

For more information on this car or for similar work please get in touch.

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