Here at Mstyle we love a project and Mr Deol’s M5 was no exception. He came to us wanting the car meaner, quicker and to have lots of Carbon whilst remaining tasteful. We started with the exterior, an Mstyle carbon front splitter, Mstyle Carbon vented bonnet, carbon boot and roof spoilers, tinted the windows, callipers painted with yellow high temperature paint to match the up rated pads and also a general bodywork on minor bits of damage. To improve the handling whilst also focusing on the looks we lowered it on H&R lowering springs and finished with a set of 20” Lemans wheels in a gloss black faces and polished lips finish wrapped in some wide Falken tyres to help Mr Deol harness the big V10’s power. We remapped his M5 so it had slightly more power, a bit more responsive but also making sure it had a smooth, progressive power delivery. Also as mentioned above he opted for some up rated brake pads, EBC Yellow stuff that are designed for track or fast road use to help stop the big body, big engine and big power this car possesses. I am very pleased to report Mr Deol was as happy with the outcome as we was!

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