This time of year is usually when we start to become slightly quieter as we approach the Christmas build up.  That being said we do still see a variety of cars coming in for various work. In the past we have chosen to feature M cars, this isn’t because we’re bias, although I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a well spec’d and modified M car.

Switching things up totally from the previous, this months COTM is this F30 330D. This customers car we had already previously modified with a quad exhaust conversion and carbon rear diffuser just to name a few.

This time the car was in for some extensive work on the front end, guaranteed to completely change the look of the vehicle. We stock, supply and fit a whole selection of styling parts for many many vehicles. I digress, the aforementioned car was in for our F80 M3 look front bumper and our popular GTS Style bonnet.

The bumper being aftermarket fits and looks really well. A lot of aftermarket bumpers especially ones mimicking M cars can have a tendency to not match up properly or leave larger panel gaps than they should do. We go through a vast and in-depth vetting process to make sure all our products are at the highest of quality that they can be to match OEM parts. At a first glance you would not know it was an F30 unless you have a really keen eye for detail. We posted some images once the work was completed on our social media pages and only a handful with hawkeye’s spotted it was an F30. We’re not going to give away what that was but if you can spot it, drop us a message on social media and there maybe a little prize in it for you.

The bonnet. GTS Style with a dome and vent in the middle. A newer product we recently added to the website and we have sold a fair few of these. Again, mostly on M Cars and a few on F20 models. Made from STEEL, so no fibreglass, no aluminium. In the past carbon bonnets were hugely popular but as time has gone on so has the way people modify their cars. Carbon still looks great but needs a certain look/theme going with the car for it to work correctly, this is why the GTS Bonnet works so well and with so many builds. Supplied in primer our in-house bodyshop can paint it to match the exact colour code of your vehicle meaning its left looking like it came that way from factory. AMAZING.

All the parts mentioned are available via our website:


F80 M3 Look front bumper:

GTS Style Bonnet:

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