Venturing away from the M cars, this month we focus on something different. One that we equally see a lot of and is very popular amongst a large portion of our customers.

This months COTM comes to you in the form of this stunning BMW F33 4 series convertible. The owner of this car came to us looking for something different to the typical matte black, gloss black M performance kits. Being that we are huge fans of carbon fibre, it seemed the right thing to offer the customer.

We have carbon fibre kits for the latest and most popular models on offer with fitting included. The kits themselves are of exceptional quality and rival others on the market at a much lower cost.

The M performance kit featured here is a perfect reflection of that. We supplied and fitted, M Performance style; front splitter, kidney grilles, mirror caps, side vents, side blades, boot spoiler and rear diffuser with a matching exhaust outlet. With closer inspection of the kit the carbon fibre weave is matching throughout leaving 0 discrepancies.

With the kit fitted to the car it has massively changed the overall look. Not only does it look much cleaner with all the additional parts seamlessly blending into the bodylines, it also adds a much more sportier look to the vehicle.

These kits are available to order for a large majority of models. If you are interested please contact us for a quote.

T: 020 8598 9115

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