In this blog post we have a customer that came to us upon the recommendation of his work colleague who has been using us for many years, when he had purchased a diamond in the rough and needed our help. The car had not done a great deal of miles but had spent its life in the city so was covered in a lot of scratches, dings and dents. As much as we love modifying cars, there is also a lot of satisfaction in restoring a car back to its original form and being a Carbon Black E46 M3 we cannot think of a better post 2000 base to restore from. We did a full bare metal respray, removing all dents and damage, rust treating the body and renewing all the exterior mouldings.


As you can see the outcome is fantastic. It is incredibly OEM, a nice nod towards the E46 M3 with the Carbon Black and red leather combo and it is a project that we feel a great sense of pride in, being a BMW specialist that is packed to the brim with BMW enthusiasts as employees.


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