The F30 3-Series is a very nice looking car, bringing back the sleek bodylines to a Saloon that have previously been lost in today's world of car manufacturing.


The one thing the F30 does miss out on is having that aggressive look. But, this isn't always to everyone's taste so, natrually, BMW will only offer it as an optional extra for those willing to pay for the extra styling.


We offer the same treatment for the F30's with our own F30 M Performance Styling Package, truly enhancing the overall look and feel of the car.


The owner of this specific F30 forgot to bring down the Twin-Tip exhaust trim that he ordered for the car and so it had to leave with the less-than-impressive looking single tailpipe. But with a 600 mile journey ahead of him back to Scotland I'm sure he wont mind, knowing his car now has that aggressive edge.