As has been the theme of this year, It was unclear whether Essen Motorshow 2021 would go ahead due to the impending risk of Covid-19.

For as long as I can remember Mstyle has always attended Essen Motorshow. For us as a company it is not only just a trip out of the office and country but also an opportunity to catch up with our German suppliers and meet new ones. This is part of our ever-ending mission to bring you the best quality parts for your vehicle. It also enables us to stay up to date with what our European brothers and sisters are doing when it comes to trends and modifying their cars.

We were due to attend the show across two days. Arriving in Germany on Friday it was straight to the show with no time to waste and then attend Saturday for a short period of time before our flight back home. Essen usually runs for a week with Friday being a Press and Media day. This is (in my opinion) the best day to visit any show. You’re able to walk around freely without the waiting for people to move out of the way to take a clear photo and best of all, able to enjoy the cars on display without too many people standing in front of you or waiting for you to move.

Being the first German car show that I have attended I was curious as to what to expect. Sure I have been to plenty of UK shows but nothing outside of that. I know all too well that over in Europe they tend to modify cars differently to how we do.

The first thing that was immediate to me was that every car on display was modified well and to an extremely high standard. Its easy to say that this is obvious, given that it’s a car show but you’d be surprised how many cars on display cut corners to achieve a certain look and can be a bit rough around the edges.

The thing that stood out to me was the diversity of the cars on display. It wasn’t limited to your typical high end sports cars and supercars but there was a little bit of everything from stanced-imports to low riders with pinstriping and hydraulics.

The main halls are packed with big industry names showcasing the best products on the market. You will find companies such as KW, BBS, Protrack, Prior Design and Techart.

One thing I was not expecting was the plethora of Motorsports vehicles and ‘unmolested’ classics. One of the centre points of the show was the historic ‘Tourenwagen Legenden’ DTM cars from the golden ages of racing. A pure treat if you love classic touring cars as much as me.

It was great being able to attend Essen this year. The show may of felt a little bit quieter than usual (from what I am told) but it meant we were able to spend that extra time talking to our contacts. The quality of cars on display were top notch and it was amazing to see what the German aftermarket tuning culture is like.