The F87 M2 could be found everywhere you turned at the 2017 Essen Motor Show. The little M car is growing in popularity and it's easy to see why; plenty of power, a nimble chassis and an involving driving experience to boot.

It's been hailed as BMW's greatest ever M model, and it seems tuner brands are looking to capitalise on it's ever growing following with a wide range of upgrades and enhancements to choose from!

We'll start with Lightweight's rendition of the ultimate M2, their M2 CSR. The car could be found on the Bilstein stand, as it is sporting a full Bilstein Club Sport package with variable damping and spring rates. This serious suspension package was paired with a set of Lightweight's own forged 19" wheels and Michelin CUP2 tyres to further improve the M2's already impressive chassis.


The LW M2 CSR needs to handle, as it puts out 600hp from it's S55 engine and gearbox swap from the larger M4, which has been enhanced with some upgraded turbochargers and software. Considering this car is significantly lighter than standard with it's Carbon Fibre roof, bonnet and bootlid, partially stripped out interior, carbon ceramic brakes, and a plethora of carbon aerodynamic upgrades, it makes for a very fast package!

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The F87 is already a good-looking car, but AC-Schnitzer were displaying possibly my favourite M2 of the show. A very subtle colour, some choice carbon additions such as front splitter and canards, boot spoiler and rear diffuser, and a very impressive set of wheels are all that is needed to make a good car, a great car.



AC-Schnitzer products for most models can be found in our online store, including the 20" Type V Forged wheels which make this car, although at a cool £6,100.00 for the set without tyres, there may be some more financially appealing alternatives! 

Many big-name brands have released aerodynamic upgrades for this model, and the range in design and style of add-on parts is huge! Vorsteiner stay true to form with their exceptional quality Carbon Fibre parts which add a level of aggression to the car which is hard to match.


We have previously visited the ATT Performance M2 to focus on the Vorsteiner wheel setup, but it's hard to ignore the enormous carbon fibre front splitter elements!

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At the other end of the spectrum, Hamann's visual upgrades for the M2 stand out for not following the usual aggressive carbon fibre approach.

These paintable items focus more on detail work with formed shapes to add to the F87's already aggressive styling, made most apparent  by the boot spoiler's unconventional look.



Whilst the Essen Motor Show appeared plagued by the F87 M2 with examples on display left, right and centre, the wide range of upgrades and improvements on offer meant no two models were the same, whether it's a track-focussed 600hp monster you're looking to build or an out-and -out showpiece, we can cater for your every need.

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