It's not always wide body conversions and carbon here, sometimes we like to take a standard Se or Msport and give it the M look you have always dreamed about...

For instance with Mr Sattar's 6 series we converted his 650i to look like a M6 and we used only genuine BMW panels to achieve this stunning look with a set of aftermarket M6 style wheels to finish it off. On the performance side we have remapped the car to get a bit more poke out of the effortlessly beefy 5 litre! We have teamed the remap up with one of our sprint boosters which drastically increases the throttle response of the car and helps the car put the power in to action sooner. After the aforementioned work, it was missing just one M6 style soundtrack. Although two cyclinders short of its bigger brothers V10, our own Mstyle sport back boxes help release some of the V8 noise and rumble.

M6 conversion

Exhaust tail pipes

M6 style wheels

Sprint booster




m6-conversion m6-conversion-2 m6-conversion-4 m6-conversion-5