Today we had Brian down with us all the way from Bristol with his BMW 2 Series - F22. Quite the avid enthusiast, he also keeps an E28 and 46 back in his hometown of USA. Amazing stuff!

Brian came to us when seeing that he just wasn’t going to get the service he desired back home for his pride and joy and we were more than happy to help with his requirements.

With our range of products available, he was able to get all the required parts – marrying the MStyle’s custom M235i exhaust conversion and rear diffuser, with fitting and no fuss!


He was quite delighted when he saw that he was right to take our suggestion of a deep grey colour which pairs beautifully with his shiny new exhaust. Even more so when he got to turn over to hear it purr!


Brian also hopes to continue personalising and enhancing his new love with a set of new alloys and a remap.

I’m sure his commute back is going to be a thrill ride now that he has a new note to listen to – hopefully there are some tunnels along your route Brian and we hope to see you again very soon!