With Track season only a few weeks away, its no surprise teams up and down the country are rushing to get the final finishing touches done to their race cars.


The VR Racing Undertray offers a lightweight solution to a well needed aerodynamic balance. Yes, big wings are great for the downforce that they provide, but most tend to forget about the wind effect underneath the car, more so with the rear bumper acting a bit like a parachute and catching all of the wind.


The fins on the udnertray help to divert the air more effectively as all as helping to give the car a more aggressive look.


Fancy testing one out - click here: http://www.mstyle.co.uk/bmw-3-series/e90-e92-and-e93-m3/exterior-styling/rear-bumpers-skirts-splitters-accessories/vr-racing-style-carbon-fibre-racing-undertray.html