Here we have this stunning X6M in some new carbon styling and a Mstyle performance exhaust.

First up for the front end we have fitted a genuine powerdome bonnet which drastically increases the cars road presence. Next up we have a Vorsteiner aero front splitter and a set of Genuine performance gloss black grilles which really adds some more aggressive styling to the car to go with the performance.

Talking of performance we also fitted a MStyle performance back box to this beast, we are now also in talks of going further with the tuning on this car and fitting a set of performance down pipes. Along with a set of the H&R lowering springs for a aggressive stance.

Moving on the the rear styling the customer wanted the matching Vorsteiner aero rear diffuser to complement the front splitter, our customer also deemed that the tailgate was looking a little plain we offered up our carbon lip spoiler to the car and the customer knew that it was going to finish the car off perfectly... for now anyway.



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