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In making a purchase / transaction with our company you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

General Terms and Conditions

While every effort is made to depict products accurately, images found on this web site do not necessarily depict the product with which they are linked and are used purely for illustrative purposes only. Our aim is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We entrust to all our customers that if there is dissatisfaction by the customer and this is deemed to be reasonable then we will do all we can to resolve any problems in question. No negative comments regarding MStyle UK Ltd or our partners shall be posted by the customer on any internet or other forums, blogs, magazines or any other form of media. Breach of our terms in this regard will result in one or more of the following: cessation of all works / retention of all parts by us until due payment up to point of cessation / a financial penalty to the customer reflecting damages caused. Some of the proposed modifications may take the vehicle beyond the scope of the vehicle manufacturer’s original design briefs and intended use, possibly with impact on other parts / systems of the car, for which the vehicle owner / keeper accepts all responsibility and liability. Any additional products / costs / required or desired to complement / augment etc a particular agreed conversion are the responsibility of the customer. During installation/whilst carrying out any works we cannot be held responsible for the failure of malfunction of parts already worn / damaged parts on the vehicle which may subsequently fail or deteriorate during or after installation/works. MStyle UK Ltd operate a Zero tolerance policy with regards to unreasonable, abusive or threatening behaviour, statements or demands by customers, at our discretion. In such incidents the workshop reserves the right to immediately cease work on the vehicle and ask the customer to collect it after payment for any work to date is made. We reserve the right to charge a storage fee for any vehicle left with us on our premises without work being carried out due to non reply from a customer, a customer not being able to collect the vehicle or for any other reason. If we decide to charge a storage fee this will be made aware to the customer in writing prior to doing so to fulfil our legal obligation. If after further time the vehicle is still not collected from us and the storage fees amount to a notable figure then we will take charge of the vehicle and sell to recover our losses, once again full documentation of this will be supplied to the customer to fulfil our legal obligation. Power gains for any modification are always estimates and subject to many factors, there is no guarantee that any particular modification or set of modifications will give an exact particular figure. All Parts supplied / work carried out by MStyle UK Ltd remain our property until final payment is made. MStyle UK Ltd will not be held responsible for sub sequential costs, losses or damages resulting from an incorrect, damaged or warranted part(s), this includes third party labour costs, fuel costs, salary etc. However we will do all possible to resolve any problem with the item itself. Whilst we endeavour to supply the best quality parts possible to our customers it’s often apparent on some aftermarket items that some modifications to the item / vehicle are required to obtain perfect fitment, please appreciate this. Naturally, aftermarket items which are cheaper than the original manufacturer item are often not upto the same exact quality as the original manufacturer part. At MStyle UK Ltd we are always here to help and advise with the fitment of all parts supplied by us.

Payment and Prices

Unless otherwise stated, all prices include VAT at 20%. As many of our products are imported, printed and/or website prices may be subject to change without notice due to fluctuating currency exchange rates and supply prices. International orders can normally only be accepted via Paypal, International Money Order, Western Union Transfer or Electronic Bank Transfer. Please enquire for more details. Special order, custom made and/or import items must be prepaid in full and are non-refundable. In some cases we will accept a non-refundable deposit of at least 25% of the total value of the goods against special order items. Please note that due to high administration charges some credit card transactions may incur a 3% levy. Gift Vouchers cannot be used during the purchase of items in Sale / Special Offer promotions. Payment for all completed work is usually to be made upon collection of the vehicle unless an advance payment has been made.


Performance and engine tuning carries risks and is carried out fully at the car owners risk and authority. Whilst tuning in general is safe and reliable we must make our customers aware that tuning such as but not limited to; software tuning / ecu remapping, supercharger conversions or larger / hybrid turbos puts more stress on certain components of the car than before. In the case of a component fault / failure then very often this may have occurred without tuning or has happened because of a part being worn and then the tuning has accelerated the fault / failure that may have happened in due course in any case.

Mstyle cannot be held responsible for a failure or fault with any component on the car after tuning is carried out. This is industry standard and not just associated to us as a company. We urge our customers to make sure their vehicle is in good mechanical state before tuning is carried out and if any weak component is known about to get this resolved before any tuning.

ECU Remapping

ECU remapping is non-refundable. As our remaps are custom written to each vehicle, in the purchase you are paying for labour time and expertise, not an off the shelf product. The owner of the vehicle undertakes full responsibility for premature wear/tear of components or unforeseen problems or faulty components on the vehicle which become apparent after and ECU remap is carried out. All of our remaps have been tried and tested to prevent excessive premature wear/tear and to not cause problems to the running of your vehicle, however we cannot be held responsible for previous wear/tear or faulty components which on rare occasions can be made more apparent after the remap. Whilst we aim for our ECU remaps to be undetectable, in some cases it’s impossible for us to keep up to date with the latest reading hardware & software used at BMW dealerships so we cannot give 100% assurance that our ECU remaps will go totally undetected, however to offer full assurance we will offer to remove and then re-install your remap for service/warranty purposes if you have detection concerns.

Delivery and IMPORTANT information about courier / postal deliveries

It is the customer’s full responsibility to check and examine an item(s) being delivered by the postal service or a courier service before signing for receipt of the item(s). When signing for the item it is stated ‘received in good condition’. The courier or postal service will not offer compensation or a claim for damage to goods caused by them after the item has been signed for. Before items leave our premises, we check them to assure good undamaged condition and we pack the item(s) well to avoid damage whilst it is en route to you. We cannot offer compensation or a claim for any damaged goods that have been signed for in good condition or ‘unchecked’ with the courier / postal service. The only circumstances when we can make a claim and provide compensation / replacement for a damaged item(s) is when the item(s) is checked and signed for as damaged. You must insist that the courier driver waits whilst the item(s) being delivered is inspected before you sign for it, even if the courier objects to this. It is their obligation in the terms and conditions set out by our couriers that the driver is to wait whilst goods are inspected. Please appreciate that the courier drivers are paid commission on the amount of deliveries they carry out per day, so this is the reason why they may want to leave you quickly and get on with their next delivery. The customer must not instruct the courier to leave an item(s) in a location without signature. If this happens and losses or damages occur, we will not be responsible or be able to offer a claim. Also, if items are signed for by a 3rd party, friend or neighbour etc they must check the item before signing for receipt. If there are damages present on the item, it must be signed for as damaged otherwise we cannot claim from the courier and therefore cannot offer compensation or replacement parts. An item(s) being delivered by courier / postal service must not be signed for as ‘unchecked’. The item(s) must be checked for damages before signing. The only circumstances that we will be able to offer a claim / compensation / replacement for damaged item(s) is if it has been checked and signed for as damage. We will always endeavour to deliver orders as quickly as possible; due to the specialist nature of some of our items and also our reliance at times on third party suppliers, we cannot always guarantee exact delivery times; orders cannot normally be cancelled due solely to a delay on an estimated delivery time. We cannot be held responsible for delays caused by our suppliers, third party errors or delivery delays or any other unforeseen issues. Orders where you have opted for the items to be fitted will not be shipped out. In these cases the vehicle must be brought into our workshop - we will contact you to arrange a booking for this.

Online Orders

Online / Mail order items purchased on a credit card can normally only be delivered to the cardholding/billing address. We reserve the right to refuse suspect credit card payments and to carry out additional security checks including address verification, bank referrals, date of birth, occupation etc. All orders will normally be despatched within 48 hours of your order if in stock, or of our receiving the goods if they are not in stock at time of order. Most items will be sent by trackable courier and must be signed for. A signature to our courier will be deemed as goods received in safe condition.


We are happy to arrange installation of any product at our own or one of our agent's workshops by individual arrangement. Please note that purchase of parts from MStyle UK Ltd does not infer or imply mandatory installation of said parts by MStyle UK Ltd or it's agents. The sale of parts and installation of parts are considered a separate contract. MStyle UK Ltd and it's agents are at liberty to cancel either, for whatever reason prior to the installation date. During installation/whilst carrying out any works we cannot be held responsible for the failure of malfunction of parts already worn / damaged parts on the vehicle which may subsequently fail or deteriorate during or after installation/works.

Quality and fitment of aftermarket parts

Many of the parts we sell are non-original manufacturer parts and are made in the aftermarket sector. We must stress that on all parts we sell we aim for them to be the highest quality possible, but with aftermarket items there can be a tolerance to fitment and quality from that of an original manufacturers part. This means that sometimes they are handmade or more often than not are made from tooling / moulds which may or may not be as specific as an original manufacturer part and may result in the item not be as accurate as the original manufacturer part. When purchasing aftermarket items, the buyer understands and accepts that there could be a tolerance from an original vehicle manufacturers part. This may mean that adjustments / modification at time of fitting need to be made, adhesives may need to be used or small modifications to the aftermarket part purchase may need to be made. The overall quality of aftermarket items may also have a tolerance from the quality of an original manufacturers part. An example of this could be small imperfection or blemishes. Quality imperfections we aim to keep to a minimum however can appear on aftermarket items due to the nature of their manufacturing processes. We recommend fitting by a specialist workshop who has expertise in fitting aftermarket items, not just original manufacturer parts. If the buyer takes an aftermarket part to a main dealer or to a company who is not open to fitting aftermarket items and carrying out any necessary modifications to do so in some cases they will often be turned away saying that the product will not fit. This will often be more so due to the incapability of the installing workshop instead of the product not being able to be fitted to the vehicle. We aim for all our aftermarket products that we sell to have had been test fitted (or at least another product from the same mould / tooling) at an earlier time in our workshop before selling to our customers. As the seller we are here to help and offer advice if possible, with any installations of our aftermarket parts supplied if required. We cannot cover return delivery costs or refund delivery cost of aftermarket items that have minor imperfections or need minor modifications as this is to be accepted when buying an aftermarket product and the buyer is to fully accept this before purchasing When buying aftermarket products from our website, on the telephone or in-store from us the buyer agrees to our terms and conditions. Quality and fitment tolerances on aftermarket products applies to all sellers, not just us. However, we outline this to our customers in honesty instead of offering perfection quality, which is sometimes not realistic on aftermarket items.

Returns and Refunds

MStyle UK Ltd will not accept for return, exchange or refund any item that has been modified, used, damaged or blemishes, such as parts that have been painted or wheels that have had tyres fitted etc. Please ensure you check all items for quality and fitment before painting or modifying/blemishing/permanently fitting them. All purchases made are only refundable if authorised by our management (via email). Items will only be accepted back if returned in their original, unused condition. Refunds will be given after goods have been returned and inspected. Stock items being returned may incur an admin charge of 5-10%. We as the company incur costs and restocking fees to return non-stock items to our suppliers so any non-stock items being returned will incur a re-stocking / handling charge which will be advised at time of return depending on the product in question. Any refunds made on items purchased through Paypal will be subject to a 4% fee. Special order, custom made and/or import items must be prepaid in full and are non-refundable. Certain items may, by agreement only, be ordered with a deposit of at least 25% of the total price of the goods in place of full payment. Should you wish to cancel the order at a later date, deposits are not refundable. Carriage costs for the return to MStyle UK Ltd or its agents of any goods for credit, refund or exchange for whatever reason are the responsibility of the customer. Please note that any deposits or payments made towards installation are normally not refundable on cancellation of installation.


Items are covered by a standard manufacturer’s warranty which can vary on time and conditions. Electronic / mechanical parts carry warranty for 1 year, the warranty on such items may be for replacement or repair depending on the item in question. Aesthetic parts have varying warranty depending on the item, this is generally 6 months to 1 year and such parts warranty is usually for repair, not replacement if after 30 days from purchase. Warranty covers for defects as a result of the manufacturing process. It does not cover any defects or damage that may have occurred as a result of wear and tear through use, or for any accidental damage. Please note there is no warranty on polished/diamond cut alloys. This is due to the elements/weather affecting the finish, if not looked after and cleaned properly. Paintwork warranty: Warranty on corrosion rectification will be judged on each case separately. Warranty on our paintwork for new parts supplied by us: 5 years on injection moulded plastic such as polyurethane or ABS plastic, 1 year on fibre / Kevlar reinforced plastic. We offer 3 year warranty on repairs to current bodywork or used parts NOT involving corrosion rectification. Please call us on 020 8598 9115 for full details of coverage. No warranty is given nor implied on any goods if used for racing, track days or similar events. We do not warranty any labour costs for installation of parts after being sold and getting fitted independently. Warranty & returns can only be honored if you are the original purchaser of the goods. If the item has been sold or past on then no warranty is implied. Carriage costs for the return to M style UK Ltd or its agents of any goods for credit, refund or exchange for whatever reason are the responsibility of the customer, unless in exceptional circumstances by prior agreement.

Bookings and Deposits

Hires are confirmed when a 50% non-refundable deposit is paid. This may be by cash, cheque, credit or debit card. The remaining balance is to be paid in full 28 days prior to the hire. Prices are inclusive of VAT charged at 15%. Credit cards are subject to a 2% surcharge, American Express cards to a 4% surcharge - debit cards are free. No hidden taxes, fees or extra charges will be payable upon completion of the hire, except where additional waiting time has been incurred.


Written notice must be provided 28 days prior to the event for cancellations. In the event of a cancellation any deposit paid would be forfeited, however, in exceptional circumstances deposits may be refunded at the discretion of the company.

Company Liability

While the company's vehicles are fully insured for passenger and third-party claims under British law and public liability insurance, no responsibility can be accepted for lost, stolen or damaged items belonging to the hirer. No responsibility will be accepted by the company for adverse weather, traffic conditions or fuel shortages, which may cause delay or cancellation of a booking, by the company. In the event of unforeseen delays, the company will endeavour to contact the hirer by telephone. Whilst every effort is made by the company to maintain the roadworthiness of the vehicles, no responsibility can be accepted for breakdown either prior or during the hire, however caused. In the unlikely event that breakdown occurs every effort will be made to provide a comparable vehicle, the costs of which will be met by the company. Alternatively, a full refund to the value of the hire will be given.

Damage and Breakages

The hirer shall be fully responsible and liable for any damage caused both to the interior and exterior of the vehicle by the hirer or any member of their party. The hirer agrees to be liable for the retail cost of repairs, replacement of missing items and/or valeting charges.


If a customer has a dispute with regards to any item, a service or a payment they must contact us by phone or email regarding this before contacting any financial institution that a payment was made using. In order so that we have the opportunity to access and resolve.


Smoking, the consumption of food, drinks or drugs is not permitted within the vehicle. The use of drugs is not permitted on the premises.

The Website

All content in this website belongs to MStyle UK Ltd and must not be copied or reproduced in part, or in whole, without the owners specific written permission. Although we endeavour to ensure all information in this website is correct and up to date, we offer no guarantee of this. All images are for illustration purposes only and are not always 100% accurate to the product that you are ordering. Please contact us to verify details before making any decisions. We will not be responsible for any losses incurred as a result of errors in the website. We do not accept any association with, or links to this website, without specific written consent from ourselves. We reserve the right to withdraw this consent if we feel an association has been made inappropriately or incoherent with company policies. We are not responsible for any information or content provided by third parties that are linked to this website.

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