I first heard about this company - who specialise in Bavaria's finest, through enthusiastic friends, other dealerships and garages.

I've been a customer at AutoEnhance for three years now and I have to say, their level of service is second to none.

I simply refuse to take my car anywhere else.

The entire team are fantastic, completely reliable and are totally committed to providing a personal and professional service of the highest quality.

Most importantly, all of the sales and technical team, as well as management and workshop staff are genuine German car enthusiasts..

Their knowledge of BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Porsche, as well as Range/Land Rover and Mini, is extremely impressive.

I've always found the workmanship at AutoEnhance to be of the very highest standard.

For the last couple of years, I've been looked after by Martin Wheeler.. and I'm very glad to say that I trust his judgement, opinion and expertise 100%...He's always had only my best interests at heart and we've reached the point now, whereby we often sit down and hatch a cunning plan as to how we're going to next best modify my beloved BMW X6!

All in all, I cannot recommend AutoEnhance/M-Style highly enough.

I tell all my friends and clients where I take my car for any maintenance or modifications.

I tell people - "don't make the mistake of taking your car anywhere else"

The only thing I'd love to see happen one day, is for this company to start selling cars, in addition to just enhancing them.

This, in my opinion would truly set AutoEnhance apart from any of their competitors.

It would be awesome to leave the very car you just bought, on site to be enhanced and modified.. A one-stop

"Buy then modify" dealership would be great... afterall, that's how they do it in America!

Without mentioning any specific names, unfortunately I bought my car from a certain unscrupulous dealership in Brentwood, Essex, who simply don't know the meaning of words like quality, care or service.

So I'm very glad to have AutoEnhance look after my car instead.

I will always stay loyal to AutoEnhance and I have no doubt that my next X6 will go straight there to receive the full treatment!...

Give these guys a call, because I guarantee you, you'll be glad you did.

Justin House