Lumma Design recently revealed their new and upcoming styling options for the BMW X7, named cleverly; CLR X7.

The most noticeable changes to the OEM X7 design are at the front of the car. Larger air intakes paired with a newly designed front splitter and carbon fibre bonnet offer a more aerodynamic front end optimising  air flow to the engine bay, which in theory should make for slightly increased performance. But what about the rear I hear you say? Well, in true Lumma fashion the rear of the car has been praised with a new roof spoiler, rear lip spoiler and of course a newly designed rear apron with integrated diffuser. As with the vast majority of Lumma kits, it comes with wider arches offering +50mm over OEM, enhancing the overall profile of the X7, not forgetting the lashings of raw carbon fibre throughout the kit.

They haven't stopped there though, quad stainless steel exhaust pipes give the X7 a much deeper tone, as well as performance benefits. Lumma expect to see peak performance figures of 680bhp and remove the factory 155mph limit. To compliment the wider arches and increased power, both the wheel-tyre combination has improved also. The CLR 24 RS alloys baost dimensions of 10x24 inches on the front, and 13x24 inches on the rear to guarantee stability whilst keeping weight to a minimum.

The CLR X7 kit will drop Spring 2020. Contact our official UK distributor Mstyle for more information of this kit.

Whats Available?


Widening front and rear each side about 50 millimetres
Front spoiler with front splitter
Full carbon bonnet with air intake
Roof panel with additional headlights
LUMMA Roof spoiler in carbon
LUMMA Rear spoiler lip in carbon
LUMMA Design rear panel in carbon
LUMMA Rear diffuser

LUMMA LR Sports wheels 11x23 with 305/35-23 tyres
LUMMA CLR 24 RS wheels 10x24 / 13x24 with 295/30-24; 355/25-24 tyres
LUMMA Performance spacers

LUMMA Sports exhaust system
LUMMA Performance increase

X7 50i up to approx. 500 KW (approx. 680 hp)