Luxurious and elegant are two of many words, frequently used to describe the infamous Range Rover brand... BUT...  what happens when you add German manufacture, Lumma Design into the mix? You're left with something that resembles sporty, aggressive and surprisingly, sleek.

Introducing the Lumma Design CLR GT. 

Lumma Design have taken the prestigious RR brand and turned the once quiet and fairly unassuming Range Rover Velar into a car with bundles of road presence, adding wider arches; Lumma sports front grille and the three-piece Lumma rear lip spoiler, all pieced together with CLR Racing 22'' wheels  which set the whole car off beautifully.

This particular vehicle was the first of its kind to be built in the UK and was quickly snapped up almost as soon as it was completed.

Lumma Design is available to purchase via Mstyle who is the Official UK distributor. For more information on these kits visit: Lumma Design