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Repairs and Diagnostics

Efficient diagnostics and repairs, courtesy of BMW trained skilled technicians and the latest tools and equipment

Here at MStyle we boast the most up-to date diagnostic/programming equipment available and can diagnose any problem with your BMW, albeit mechanical or Electronic. But that's not all; we employ specially trained BMW specialist technicians to carry out repairs ranging from anything as small as fitting new brake parts to carrying out replacement of major components. Often, especially with more recently built BMW's coding is required after the renewal or repair of certain components. We can carry out coding of any component on your BMW to complete a repair procedure.

For more information on our facilities or if you need some repairs carried out to your vehicle please contact us with your requirements and we'll be happy to oblige.

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In-House electronic programming upgrades resulting in better performance and economy

Due to our state of the art diagnostic and programming equipment here at Mstyle we're able to perform programming and updates to any BMW model. First and foremost we can update the software versions on your vehicle in the various module units such as engine ECU, gearbox control unit (including SMG and DCT), audio/navigation or general modules. The benefit of software updates is to 'iron out' inconsistencies in your current software thus enhancing efficiency of that particular module which will result in better fuel economy, smoother gear-changes, improved performance and overall improved driving pleasure, as well as preserving the life longevity of your vehicle.

We can also carry out programming to improve the convenience usability of your vehicle, for example, we can program operations from the remote key fob such as electric folding of door mirrors, opening and closing of the soft top (on convertible models) or programming of the alarm module for audible notification of setting/unsetting your vehicles security system and much much more.

We can also carry out remapping of ECU's and modules to further improve performance and economy. Please take a look at the tuning section on our website for your particular BMW for more information.

If you have any queries on our programming facilities or would like to enquire about some programming for your vehicle please feel free to contact us for more information.

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