Diesel engines – great for fuel economy but not so much for their frequency. So you’ve chosen to be efficient but missing the thrill of a purring V8 petrol engine? We have a solution for that.

ActiveSound have released their Complete-Kit Active Sound with Soundbooster and APP-Control. So you no longer have to go without the pleasure of that exhilarating burble of the V8 engine. The kit can be retrofitted to a variety of BMW models, combining the sound generator with the ActiveSound Gateway BLE app, control is at your fingertips.

What the Comlete-Kit includes:

  • Sound generator with steel casing
  • Control unit (ECU)
  • Harness
  • ActiveSound Gateway BLE

Features of the ActiveSound Gateway app include:

  • Engine Launch – adjust the sound of your start up
  • DLE-RPM adaptation – lift or reduce the idling volume of your engine
  • Sound characteristic – tune the pitch of your new V8
  • Volume control
  • Speed related sound volume – determine at which speed the volume of your engine will be adjusted
  • Profile change – create profiles to suit your needs


So, need to leave for work early but don’t want to disturb the nieghbours? Create a quiet mode so you can leave your home peacefully. Want to take your motor for a spin on the track or give your friends a thrilling passenger lap, turn it up!

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