This time of the year is always an exciting one, especially in the automotive world. Its typical to see many new reg's on the road and that usually coincides with new models and updated versions of existing models. One in particular is the BMW 1 series (F40). Although the F40 was available for sale in September last year many people are just getting their hands on one. Great timing as the days get longer and the weather steadily improves meaning you can get out and drive in some really great weather.

The F40 is a great looking car. It has come a long way in the looks department compared to its predecessors. As is typical with the release new vehicle, the range of aftermarket upgrades is usually fairly niche and sometimes leaves the consumer needing deep pockets. Luckily in this instance, needing deep pockets to fill the never-ending list of modifications is a thing of the past thanks to the Guru's over at Maxton Design, Eibach and Remus Exhaust's. The combination of the following is GUARANTEED to change the look, sound and handling. We call it, '' The Perfect Package''.

Recently we had a customer visit us for some upgrades to his F40. This would of been our first one to carry out work on and we must say it was an absolute pleasure. The car in stock form looks great but paired with the Maxton kit it really transforms the car. The customer opted for the V1 front splitter, black kidney grilles(Customer Sourced), side skirts, rear bumper spats, rear diffuser and a roof spoiler. Whilst this isn't the most stand out kit, its a kit that doesn't detract from the OEM look of the car and just gives the F40 that slight edge of the Msport cars.  Take a look and decide for yourself.

F40-(1-of-11) F40-(2-of-11)---Copy F40-(3-of-11)---Copy F40-(4-of-11) F40-(9-of-11) F40-(5-of-11) F40-(8-of-11) F40-(6-of-11)

All parts mentioned are available. Please contact us for more information or any queries regarding these products.