¼ of the way through the year and Summer is fast approaching. The trees have awoken from their slumber and the plants and animals have sprung back into life, so have we, even as a country that for the past 12 months been in and out of lockdown and Covid-19 restrictions. This isn’t a thread where I will harp on abut that as I am sure we’ve all had our fill in one way or another.

I will however harp on about the work we completed on this customers F30 3 series that we fitted one of our ever-growing popular M look kits too. We talked about a similar kit in last month’s COTM and one last year that we fitted, but I would like to touch base on these kits again, just briefly, then I promise I will write about something different over the summer months.

The reason I keep returning to these M look kits is purely due to cost vs quality. Whilst having the kit painted and fitted is by no means a cheap expenditure, you really get your moneys worth. Supplied and fitted, inc paint. Supplied alone is £895 which includes both front and rear bumpers, as well as side skirts. £895 that is the same price as one of our M-sport look kits.

Painting is where it gets interesting. Most body shops will charge around £200-£350 per panel and with 4 items to paint as well as colour matching, you are looking at the best part of £800-£1000. We will paint this kit, to the exacting body colour of your vehicle for £450 and if you would like us to fit as you do not want to scratch your brand-new painted parts or just don’t fancy it, we can do that for an additional £200.

But how does it fit? Its aftermarket so surely the fit won’t be as good as OEM BMW parts? Whilst most are usually correct in saying this, our specialist body-shop does this day in day out and once we are finished the only way you or someone will be able to tell its not a genuine M car is because of the rear arches or the lack of performance. Styling wise, absolutely spot on and this is why we are selling more and more of them.

If you are interested in this kit or looking for something similar, whether that be bodywork or painting/fitting services then please drop us a message and get in touch. We would love to hear from you.


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