August 2020. Only a few months ago I remember being at home writing the March COTM. A lot has happened in that time. We have stocked a lot of fresh new parts specifically for the newer G Series models of cars. Parts range from Performance style parts to top of the range 3D Design carbon fibre. Over that time period we also added a super cool new styling part available for the F8X models, one part in particular being 'The GTS bonnet'.

Recently we had the pleasure of a customer ordering a GTS bonnet. We offer a painting and fitting service for this bonnet, everything is done in house so you know you're getting only the best, as well as offering a 5 year paint warranty on all of our work.

The car, the bonnet was intended for was an F80 M3 Competition. Not only do these cars look amazing already to then go ahead and whip a GTS bonnet on top is essentially like adding the cherry to the cake. I genuinely cant emphasis how great these bonnets look once fitted. Usually colour matching can be a walk in the park for our experienced boydshop technicians but every once in a while we like to give them a challenge. This F80 is 1/12 that were sold in Fire Orange II in the UK market. A colour we definitely do not see every day  but our techs did a wicked job on matching the colour. If styling points were a genuine thing like in the video games then this part on its own adds +50 points.

Have a look for yourself. This car looks insane.

Parts are available via our website.


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