Some of you may recognise this already – PBMW’s Elizabeth wrote a cracking feature on our 620hp M4 in the October Edition. We really enjoyed reading her feature and thought it would be good to put it in the spotlight once more, this time giving you an insight into living the daily M4 life.

So Paul, why the M4?

Well it ticks all the boxes really. Looks good, it’s fast and still fairly practical for day to day life. I’ve always stuck with BMW since my first and this seemed like the next step after my E93 M3.

Do you get a lot of attention on the road?

Yes quite a bit. I think it’s the colour that grabs the attention first.

Not the sound?

Ahh, yes that as well *chuckles to himself*. But yes I guess so but I’ve gotten so used to it. Yes I think those that are into their cars do definitely take notice as they can see it’s had quite a bit done to it. People like to take pictures when I’m out on the road and especially when we take it to performance shows.

How do your neighbours feel about you?

Well one side is currently empty and the man next door is hard of hearing and doesn’t seem to mind. I keep the valves closed in the mornings, which does make it much quieter to start up.

So I know you’re a golfing man and you mentioned it’s practical, do the golf clubs fit in the back at least?

Yes they do actually, with the roof up they manage to fit in and I have a young son and his seat fits in with no problems. It really is a great all-rounder and I get to put the roof down in the summer and take it for a good drive.

What is it like to drive?

Immediate. You put your foot down and it just goes. Then the turbos kick in properly at about 2500 RPM and keeps it pulling. But it’s still comfortable and easy to control if you just want to go for a gentle cruise so it’s a great balance.

Finally, do I get to have a go at taking it for a spin?

At this point, I just get a glare with a raised eyebrow. I’m taking that as a definite maybe.


MSL620 M4 Specs


BMW F83 M4 620hp

Nardo Grey on BC Forged 20” HC010 in Satin Black

Mosselman Tuning Package - Hybrid Turbos, Exhaust System, Oil Thermostat and ECU software

Mosselman iTronic Tuning Module

KW Adjustables

MStyle Carbon Styling Parts