CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE and so is our December car of the month. This is a little throwback to when the weather was much warmer and people were out enjoying their cars to there full potential.

*Enter the M2 Comp*

Ever since BMW released the M2 Competition (M2C) it has become a platform that we have all known to grow and love, with many people taking their own routes to extract the pure driving pleasure from the car the best way they know.

We have seen more and more M2& M2C’s turning up for various levels of work. Although this isn’t the most modified car we have seen, in terms of added aesthetics, personally in our opinion, this one is tough to beat.

We supplied and fitted one of the highest quality carbon fibre kits that are on the market to date. We see a lot of carbon and being that we pride ourselves in being a specialist of such materials, supplying only the finer pieces that market has to offer such as 3D Design. When we say you get the best bang for your buck, we really mean it. We judge it on not just what the part looks like and the overall finish, although this helps massively but also ease of fitting. This not only helps us reduce fitting times, but it also makes life easier for the customers as we know there are plenty of you other there that are handy when it comes to modifying your own cars.

This customer came to us with a completely stock M2C and left us with a car many would do unholy, unspeakable things for (or maybe that’s just me). The kit we fitted was one from none other than the guys over at CT Carbon and their performance kit. They offer a whole range of additional extras from spoilers to front lips and even more recently forged carbon.

lll tag a link at the bottom of our thread to their forged bits, well worth a look.

List as follows:

Carbon M Performance Kit for the M2 and M2C. The kit itself includes, Front splitter, Side Skirts, Diffuser and a Boot Spoiler.


M2-Comp-(1-of-25) M2-Comp-(3-of-25) M2-Comp-(5-of-25) M2-Comp-(9-of-25) M2-Comp-(10-of-25) M2-Comp-(12-of-25) M2-Comp-(13-of-25) M2-Comp-(15-of-25) M2-Comp-(20-of-25) M2-Comp-(21-of-25)