Woah, December already, it seems almost yesterday that I was writing the COTM for December 2020, how time flies. Looking back over the year we have had quite a mix of cars, from new models coming to see us for subtle styling additions to old classics that have had some serious power upgrades.  

Ending the year with something closer to our hearts for a change. One of the guys here, recently upgraded from a MK5 Golf to a new F20. Having only had the car for a few weeks, the car was unfortunately struck by a creature of sheer size causing substantial damage to the car. Of course, the only logically thing to do in that instance is to upgrade the OEM parts to something different because you know every cloud has a silver lining.

It is worth mentioning that there were bigger plans for this car but due to time limitations they were unable to be completed, but should that change, best believe another update will be coming.

The decision was made to go all out with the car. Exterior AND interior. Our most popular item of this year by any feat was the M2 look front bumper and rear bumper for the F20, combine this with one of our GTS look bonnets and you have a sheep in Wolfs clothing, at the very least.

It wouldn’t be an Mstyle car without heaps of carbon fibre. Being the big brain legends that we are, we can offer a completely new 3-piece front splitter for the M2 look bumper comprising of a mid-level front splitter and carbon corner splitters. Smart eh. M3 look mirrors were of course fitted as well as a carbon fibre boot spoiler and carbon fibre exhaust tips with black outlets.

The interior follows a similar style with carbon fibre gear surround, gear selector cover with the most noticeable interior changing being the carbon fibre flat bottom steering wheel with perforated leather edges.

The standout change other than the M2 look kit is the wheels. Swapping out the original 719M wheels has made a huge difference to the overall look and finish of the car, as wheels always do. The decision was made to run Ispiri wheels. We couldn’t replace the wheels without looking at the suspension, so Eibach Sportline springs were added to reduce that dreaded arch gap.

Full parts description as follows:

M2 Front Bumper

M2 Rear Bumper

GTS Bonnet

Backbox Delete with Carbon M Look tips/Black Outlet

M2 Carbon Fibre Front splitter and Corner Splitters

Carbon Roof Spoiler

Carbon M3 look mirror replacement

Braided Lines

GTS Racechip

Eibach Sportline Springs