Mr Maxim has been coming to Mstyle for over 10 years now with a variety of cars but most recently he’s been visiting in an F16 X6 M50d. He had a F16 30d which had major modifications carried out with-in its first few months when suddenly he came in one day (he proclaims our showroom is his second home and we agree) to ask what the M50d was like as he had been offered a fantastic deal on one and with-in 15 minutes he had placed a deposit! He had a few M performance goodies on the car already, so his first port of call was to complete the look and as you can see it is now running a full M performance kit. Other nice little OEM touches include puddle lights and an M pedal set & steering wheel. Mr Maxim swapped over his beautiful Lumma CLR 22” wheels from his previous X6, we refurbished them and wrapped them in new tyres and paired these with some spacers and H&R lowering springs for the front and lowering links for the rear. Then came finishing touches such as a set of custom made side skirts, Hydro-dipping trim pieces and bumper trims in carbon and debadging. To help make the already quick car even faster and more aggressive to match its new styling a rear silencer delete, a sprint booster and also a Mosselman tuning module was all sanctioned. This X6 turns heads with subtle oem+ styling and packs both serious pace and efficiency, we are hoping he keeps this one for longer than previous cars!

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