Firstly,  we would like to wish you a happy and prosperous new year. The best way to start the new year is to look back at some of the older gen BMW'S and just take a moment to bask in their beauty and simplicity.  They are becoming rarer due to various reasons, age being of the more defining factors. Older cars were not built to the same standards as automobiles today mainly due to the fact that the technology just wasn't available to them then.

There is a BMW that is arguably the best BMW ever made. Im not even sure this needs and introduction as I am sure most of you know where I am going with this already, but for the people out there who will be wondering what on earth I am talking about, I am of course referring to the E30. What makes this car so iconic and holder of such a title I hear you say? A number of reasons. But for most its the iconic 70's styling and it was essentially the car that put the automotive brand on the map and is the reason the brand is thought of so highly today.

We recently had the pleasure of working on an E30. The customers requirements was that they'd like it to sit a little lower. Whilst this is one of the many but simpler jobs that we undertake, lowering a car in our experience totally changes the look of the car. Its crazy what a few extra mm can do to a car aesthetically. Its a facelift without the lifting. Anyway its for the aforementioned reasons we feel that this car deserves the first spot of 2020 COTM.

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