July, arguably the best month of the year. Track days are in full swing, show season is popping off with almost one show every weekend. That means people are happy to spend money to improving and upgrading their cars, so they look their absolute best and preform to the maximum.

Usually this time of year is when we are at our busiest. This year is no exception. With a whole array of cars coming through our doors. In particular this year we have seen an influx of customers looking to take their cars to the maximum level. *Superchargers*

We offer a wide selection of superchargers, from ESS, G Power and VF Engineering for more or less every application. Recently you would have seen that we had a stunning E38 7 Series in for a VF Engineering supercharger which added an unbelievable 125HP+.

Not so long ago we had the pleasure of supercharging a MANUAL E92 M3. Usually I would not get so excited but, in a world, where automatic gearboxes are now a much standard option, opening a car and seeing 3 pedals and a stick is something to get excited about. #SaveTheManuals.

Let’s talk about the car then. The E9X M3 is quoted to of left Bavaria with 400BHP which is made by a V8 engine. Fairly standard knowledge. Now, lets add one of the best superchargers in the industry to the naturally aspirated S65. The G Power 580 kit. The final recipe is one not to be scoffed at.

The G Power kit comes with all the essentials you will want for the conversion. Performance Air filter, Oil Supply Compressor, Cast Aluminium Air Intake Pipe, Charge Air Re-cooling System, Boost Pressure Controller and lastly ASAT1-523 Compressor.

Prices are not cheap but in terms of performance its certainly the best bang for your buck. With a quoted 180BHP+ you will certainly struggle to find that power if chosen to stay naturally aspirated.

We’re able to supply and fit any of these packages here at our specialist workshop. For more information please contact one of the team via email ([email protected]) or call us at 020 8598 9115.

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