This month’s car of the month is from our Lumma Design UK arm of the company. Lumma Design is a German company offering high end conversions on premium cars such as the new BMW X6, Mercedes GLE, Jaguar F-Pace, Porsche Cayenne and the Range Rover Vogue and Sport, and we are fortunate enough to be the official UK distributer.


This particular vehicle is for a very high-end client in the public eye, so as with all other jobs we undertake here it has to be done with the utmost care. It was a Range Rover SVR, the 5.0 supercharged Range Rover with leather clad bucket seats and carbon touches every where that turned up to our workshop this time, so the aggressive looks certainly match the raw power of this thing.


The client wanted to go for The CLR RS front with the CLR SV rear bumper and arch & door mouldings with a CLR RS front bumper to make the vehicle even more unique. It is not very often we combine kits so it was a great opportunity to extract even more individuality and this is the first time we have used this combination! The CLR RS front end has not got the extra lower lip that the owner thought gave a much cleaner look whilst still looking extremely aggressive and complimented the SV rear end very nicely. We kept the car its fantastic original Estoril Blue colour and adapted the exhaust to utilize the quad rhombus tips whilst also improving that soundtrack a tiny bit more and retaining the valve-tronic feature. If this luxurious weapon did not have the valved exhaust then it would be a nightmare to drive everyday due to the sheer volume and ferocity of the exhaust note, however the exhaust set-up means it can be driven sedately (although you can still hear the toned down growl) or driven with the valves open allowing everyone to hear the brutal sound this car can make, all at the drivers fingertips. The ever popular CLR Racing 22” wheels sit underneath the larger arches, completing the look.


This car as you can see has undergone a massive transformation from its stock form, looking both classy and aggressive. It is the perfect look for those wanting something to set their premium SUV/4x4 apart from the rest!


svr svr-9 svr-8 svr-7 svr-5 svr-4 svr-3