The BMW X5 has always been a car that has always carried a huge amount of presence. Big 4X4 that has the can do and go anywhere attitude. Pack It full of suitcases and drive across Europe or use it to run the odd errand. It has always been a form of status symbol.

Enter the X5M Competition. 4X4 on steroids sharing the same drive-train as the M5. Twin turbo V8 power producing a staggering 617BHP. Exquisite interior finish using the highest quality parts the market has to offer.

How do you add to a car that has it all? *Enter 3D Design*

If you have not heard of 3D Design before they are a company in Japan who specialise in manufacturing the highest quality aftermarket carbon fibre parts. The quality of the 3D Design parts is second to none. The weave of the carbon is one that we have never seen before and does not compare to the various carbon parts we stock. Now with that being said, carbon at this level also comes with a hefty price tag. Its worth bearing in mind that this kind of quality you will be hard pushed to find elsewhere, so in essence you get exactly what you pay for.

So why COTM? – The reason that this has been chosen for Car of the month is because with the added 3D Design parts this car is truly top of its class. V8 twin-turbo power, perfectly refined cabin and the cherry on top, lashings of the finest carbon fibre add-on parts that can be purchased.

Parts we supplied and fitted:

3D Design Carbon Front Splitter

3D Design Carbon Wing Mirror Covers

3D Design Carbon Side Skirt Extensions

3D Design Carbon Rear Diffuser

We are a 3D Design distributor for the UK. If you’re looking for 3D Design parts then we are able to supply and fit here at our specialist workshop.

All parts mentioned are available from our store. Please contact us for more information or any queries regarding these products.

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