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So Andy, why the F21?

The simple answer - because I couldn’t afford M2. I wouldn’t have wanted to have gone for anything bigger such as an E92 or E34 as I feel like they would be too big for spirited driving. The thing with my F21 is I like the chuckability of it on the road. Gives you enough of the performance figures you want and now with the work that’s been done, it has the figures of the M2. I know it’s quite a marmite car but you can really customise the F21’s and I love the look, especially with it being lowered and the added extras such as the spoiler and front lip.

So do you get a lot of attention on the road then?

Yes I do, I get quite a few people stopping and looking. When I went Brands Hatch last year, there was a lot head turning as I think the sound was catching their attention, seeing as it’s a 1 series and it’s not as expected. People asked about the upgrades, especially the brakes as they are easily visible.

What’s it like to drive as a daily?

It feels like a normal car, nice and smooth and gives you the completely stock feeling like being in a 116i but when you ramp it up and put in sport plus the car comes alive. Absolutely incredible and scarily fast. With the all work you guys have done, then installing the Wagner Tuning parts and remapping running 396hp, the linearity of the acceleration is sensational. Moment my foot goes down it picks up. The sound is incredible, start up from cold spikes to 2.5/3k for a second on first start then pops in 1st at 3k after it warms up. The crack on downshift brings in that beautiful straight-six tone and the seats are striped out the back to reduce weight and enhance the exhaust tone in the cabin. For British A/B roads when you throw it into a corner, you literally switch back right handers and it just sticks to the ground. And that’s not even tuned up to what it could be but I don’t want to go any faster as it’s all usable power.

What’s it like to drive on the track.

On track you can easily lean on the brakes, throw it into corner and other cars that should fly past just can’t keep up. With the upgrade Tarox discs and EBC pads wrapped with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres, it makes a huge difference to stopping distances giving you more run of the track.  Perhaps if I tried an M2 I might notice the difference, but really, I don’t want to as this car holds a lot of sentimental value for me too.

What’s the future plans?

Over the next few years, turning into touring car look and feel but I’m not going to wrap as I like the Estoril blue. Door cards to be finished in alcantara to complete the interior, the roll cage from yourselves, race wheels from Team Dynamics, front end Wiechers strut brace, M4 lower control arms, caster and camber adjustable front polybushes, ground control camber plates, two buckets with harnesses, fire extinguisher and the Wavetrac LSD from you guys as well.

Thanks for having a chat with us Andy and we’re looking forward to hearing more of your track day updates!


Andy’s F21 Specs

Estoril Blue F21 396hp

Wagner Tuning Competition EVO 2 Intercooler

Wagner Tuning Performance 200cpi Downpipe

Forge Charger Cooler Pipe

M Performance Exhaust

BMW Motorsport Decal

Carbon Fibre Front Splitter and Inserts

MStyle Carbon Fibre Rear Spoiler

MStyle Performance Rear Diffuser

Tarox Grooved Discs

M Performance Orange Brake Calipers

EBC Yellow Stuff Brake Pads

KW Variant 2 Coilovers

KW Anti Roll Bars


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