Wow. March, already, how time flies when you're having fun. Although things are not quite what they would usually be this time of year keeping that positive and creative mindset alive is crucial at a time such as this.  With that being said, it was the perfect opportunity to take our Prior Design PD220i and grab some photos as the roads are quiet meaning there will be very little distraction. Good practice, especially when you have the keys to a wide-body 2 series. It's an opportunity that is not one to be passed up.

The first thing you notice about this car first, is definitely the colour. Anyone who has a keen eye for BMW colours will quickly realise that our car has been painted in the notorious San Marino Blue.  Arguably one of the most recognised colours after Phoenix Yellow in the BMW catalogue of iconic paint codes. Why paint the car this colour? Simply, because why not. It's a bold car which needs a bold colour to suit.

The body-kit is something in itself. Running the full Prior Design PD-2XX kit supplied by the German wide-body manufacturer, Prior-Design GmbH, whom we happen to be a UK distributor for, it was the perfect excuse to do something crazy and that hadn't been done before. The kit is constructed of a high-quality Fiberglass-Dura-Flex mixture meaning that it offers sufficient flexibility with high stability and enables easy fitting. Naturally, when adding a wide-body kit, one of the most important parts to the build is the wheels. Finding something that is wide enough and is going to match the aggressive look of the car, we knew exactly where to look.  BC Forged.  Having previously run these wheels on many of our other builds, it was the obvious choice.  Opting the HCS21  two piece forged alloys and a massive 9.5/12J wheels wrapped in the finest rubber Continental tyres has to offer.  It was the only thing that was going to fill those massive rear arches.

I think most will agree that the headlights on BMWs are iconic on their own. Aggressive is another word I would throw into the mix too.  Keeping the headlights as stock would just give the impression that the car was half done and attention to detail was something of an after thought.  It's a small modification in reality but one of those small touches that make a HUGEEEEE difference to the overall look and finish of the car.  So it was headlights out and time to get creative once again.  Angel eyes are a must. I don't know about you, but I think they look stunning and why they're only available on selected models is something that will continue to baffle me.  An Mstyle Angel eye, HID and projector conversion kit was added in replacement as well as  retro fitting LCI darkline taillights.

Suspension ... air was a strong contender but it wasn't a practical choice. As with most, this car was built with a time limit. Running a successful tuning shop and then trying to find the time to finish our own projects in between customer cars, you'll soon realise there are just not enough hours in the day. Instead we picked up the 'phone and gave our good friends over at BC Racing a call to see what they could do for us.  It was decided to run the car on a set of BC BR coilovers with custom spring rates. BCs are the next best thing as an alternative to air ride. They offer plenty of height adjustment and damping adjustability without compromising ride comfort. I would go as far to say they're a happier upgrade to the original BMW suspension which sometimes can be quite firm.

We didn't stop there though.  A car with a track as wide as 12J needs some grunt.  As much as I would like to tell you we ditched the standard 4 pot engine for an S65, our time limitations were drawing forever closer and closer.  Instead it was decided to map the car. These cars come out of the factory with just 184BHP which isn't bad but in this day and age, it is also not the best.  A simple map was able to unlock a whopping 260BHP which is a 40% increase from standard.  Pretty good for the little 2.0 engine.  The standard interior just wasn't going to cut it on a build such as this.  The whole interior was gutted and sent away for a re-trim.  The seats and arm rest have been completely re-finished in Black Nappa Leather with blue stitching as well as tinted windows.


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