This months car is one that is special to us for a variety of reasons. Its old school styling and originality, levels of luxury that give modern cars a run for their money and finally, produces an engine sound that has the ability to make anyone weak at the knees. I am of course talking about the BMW E38 740i.

Its not very often that we have the pleasure of seeing a Skarabaeu Green E38 turn up, this is because BMW only ever produced 140 of these cars in this particular colour making them somewhat rare. Its even less common to see the car fitted with tons of OEM optional extras. The owner of this E38 has spent an awful lot of time making it into something totally special and even more unique.

The E38 came to see us for a one of the best performance upgrades you can do to a car. You guessed it, a supercharger an VF tuning charger to be exact. Adding approximately 125BHP to the overall performance, totalling roughly just over 400bhp. Which if you think about it, is insane. VIP Limousine that you would not want to mess with. Cruising in style with the additional bonus of 400BHP at your toes, not forgetting the sound of a screaming V8 motor. Does it get any better? For us, no.

To compliment the Supercharger the owner has also fitted a full Eisenmann exhaust system. So not only does the E38 shoot of down the road it also has the sound-track to suit and I can tell you first hand that it sounds absolutely epic.

BC Coilovers are also present on the car. Although this isn’t the kind of car you’re going to see being sent round a track anytime soon this greatly reduces body roll and helps stiffen up the car, whilst still retaining the comfort levels throughout, more importantly getting this E38 sitting exactly how it should be. Nice and low with 0 arch gap to be found.

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