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This months COTM is something you wouldnt normally expect to be seeing for November, its more of a Spring/Summer feature, but due to how awesome this is and the transformation that was made, we felt it very much deserved to be our car of the month.

We feel the results speak volumes. Lowered 30mm all around and sitting  on Alpina wheels with new anti-roll bars , give this car the handling it should of had when it left the factory in Germany. Carbon front splitter, side blades and carbon fibre look exhaust tips in conjunction with the standard chrome details contrast beautifully leaving you looking over the car for more subtle details.

The exhaust note was something the customer also wanted to change. Being that this car has a 3.0 engine lurking under the bonnet it would be borderline criminal to not unleash the tones that lurk within.

The wheels are really the centre piece of this stunning Z4. Alpina wheels can sometimes be Marmite on certain BMW cars but these totally transform the look of the car. Taking it from some what understated and ordinary to utterly jawdropping. Transformed very tastefully, nothing too over the top and in your face, screaming at you to take notice. Instead it is one of those cars that makes it own statement.

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