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The October Car of the month is this Carbon fibre decked 135i track machine. Covered from front to back in carbon fibre this E80 has had all the heavier body panels removed and replaced with far lighter counterparts  supplied and fitted by Mstyle. All the necessary performance enhancements have been made to this car to make it suitable for the tracks it will inevitably be flying around in the very near future. Starting with a solid base this 6 cylinder twin scroll 135i  has had the power bumped up via an aftermarket tuning module giving the car the much needed torque to power out of the corners and set those flying lap times.

A wise man once said that with great power comes great responsibility which is why looking after the braking on this car comes from a set of huge Alcon calipers, hiding behind a set of BBS RS wheels saving more weight in more crucial areas. The changes continue as we venture into the cabin of the car. The first thing that is apparent is that the standard seats have been completely removed and their replacement are a gorgeous set of Sparco seats, enabling the driver to stay locked into position when hitting those apex's and bracing the G forces.

We cant wait to see more of this car and the progress that is going to be made, one thing for certain is that this 135i is an animal of a car and we look forward to seeing it doing what it is intended to do.

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