We thought we would switch it up this month, with the last 3 months focusing on the infamous M3 cars. This month we're looking at big daddy of M cars and that would be the M5. Having possibly the best heritage and if not one of the well known, the BMW M5 is the the top of the range when it comes to performance, styling and comfort.

This M5 is oddly enough not a customers car but one of the good fellows who works with us and more importantly the guy who makes sure you receive your all important orders. In terms of performance the car has been left totally standard and for good reason too. The M5 boasts a brave 552BHP from a 4.4 V8 twin turbo engine. Baring in mind this car has been designed that you can load it up and take the family on long trips abroad, 552 BHP is an obscene amount of power with a eyebrow raising torque figure that is usable from the lower end of the rev range to the top. The perfect family machine.

With this in mind, it makes perfect sense as to why this car has seen no performance upgrades and only styling options. With that being said, lets take a look at what those are. Upfront, we have the Mstyle Diamond Kidney Grilles. These are a great aftermarket change to the regular twin slat or gloss black that you see on the vast majority of BMW cars. Not only that but they work really well with the overall look of the car giving it a somewhat business type feel, although well all know thats extremely far from the truth. As we take a closer look at the car you will notice a splitter., side skirts, rear spats or rear corner splitters and a rear diffuser. These have been supplied by Maxton design who manufacture and sell a whole array of aftermarket styling parts for a whole host of vehicles. Their parts are priced competitively compared to a lot of parts available. The very rear of the car, specifically the exhaust the tips have been changed to some M performance look Carbon tips. These are a great little modification and in my personal opinion can drastically change the overall mood of the car. There is something about carbon fibre that just screams racecar and we all loveeeee racecars. On the boot we have a Mstyle M performance rear spoiler and an AC Schnitzer roof spoiler.


All of the parts mentioned in the months COTM are available via our website or on special order. We also offer a fitting service for any of the parts purchased through us at a discounted rate.

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