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The BMW E63 M6 is by no means lacking in the looks department, even with the release of the its much younger counterpart. Its long wheelbase makes it the ideal car for racking up the miles across continents far and wide. In comparison to the newer F13 it is slightly understated, sure, but you still have that infamous 5.0 V10 naturally aspirated engine (also found in the E60 M5)  that revs to a mind boggling 8250RPM to keep you and your 17 year old self entertained and that is something the newer M car lacks.

So how do you transform a car that is many years younger than its counterpart? Carbon Fibre of course. Carbon Fibre is one of those must have items for any enthusiast. It looks the nuts and you get extra scene  brownie points for rolling around with it on your car. The more carbon fibre the better! This particular customer came in for a full transformation. Carbon bonnet, splitter, diffuser, kidney grilles and lastly the biggest transition to any car, wheels. The Cherry on top being Eventuri Carbon intakes allowing that sweet sweet V10 to sing its song freely with no limitations.

The before and after of this car are nothing short of jaw dropping. Carbon fibre really adds that little extra to your car.

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