Being a BMW Specialist, it more or less goes without saying that we have an array of M cars pass through the shop day in and day out, so it should come as no surprise that we have a small collection of M cars to go with it. (If you could you would and if you can you do, its a petrol-head thing.) It may come as no shock to most of you that when the opportunity arose that we could get our hands on a late E36 M3 convertible in stunning Boston Green in sub par condition for a reasonable price, we jumped at the chance, because why the hell not?!

Anyway, we went down and picked up the car, bought it back to the shop where we got it up on a ramp to inspect the car in finer detail. Firstly we serviced it, putting fresh oils and fluids through the cars system as we didnt know how long it had been since they were last changed. Then we replaced the usual items that suffer from general wear and tear, bushes, gaskets, bulbs.. you get the idea.

Upon first inspection the car seemed to be in decent condition considering how long it'd been sitting. The rear arches were still in fairly good nick, it was just a few panels that needed a flat and polish and in worst case respray and polish. So we stripped the panels that needed attention off the car ready for painting, whilst we restored the paint on the rest of the car to its former glory.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and many bottles of polish later and the car is complete. The paint has been returned to its former beauty, showing off that vibrant Boston Green, looking gorgeous under the glimmering autumn sunlight. The alloys have been restored to their original selves and they look nothing short of fantastic.

Clean examples of these cars are becoming a rarer sight and vastly more sought after. We like to think of this particular restoration as a service to the BMW enthusiasts, saving a last remaining icon from the car heaven.

Photos below of the finished product. All work was carried out by M style UK.


36 IMG_3214 IMG_3216 IMG_3223