As some of you may know, we build some pretty cool cars here at Mstyle. The cars we build vary from bonkers widebody AMG GTC to completely track specific BMW running twice the amount of horsepower than when they came out of the factory in Germany. It would only be fair, if the people who helped create and bring these crazy customer visions to life had a chance to bring their own visions too life, right?

Kicking it off is not a super crazy build but more one which echos the age old saying, ''Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance''. Director, Ryans' F30 has been modified to suit OEM+. No big over the top wings, or crazy negative camber, clean and respectable.

Being lowered on H&R springs, gives it a clean 45mm drop all around, complimented beautifully with Veeman V-FS23 wheels, removes all dreaded arch gap but making sure you can still climb over speed bumps when cruising about in Central London.  He's ditched all the tasteful chrome OEM parts and opted for M Performance goodies in replacement, which is popular option for most. M Performance parts include; front splitter, gloss black twin slat kidney grilles, rear diffuser, side blades & spoiler all colour coded in to match crisp Mineral White Metallic paintwork.

Arguably the noticeable of all the changes are the lights. Ryan is repping DEPO headlamps with xenon upgrade bulbs and smoked sequential LED rear lights which look ace against the Mineral White paintwork.

No build is really complete without changing the tone and power output of the car. Originally 184bhp an Mstyle tune boasts figures of 26o bhp which really proves how much extra power you can get from these smaller 2.0 engines. Coupled with the 335i shadow chrome M Performance tail pipes, this once quiet unassuming 320 receives a serious but not over the top, throaty tone.

All  parts are available via Mstyle. Call 020 8598 9115 or email [email protected] for a quote on parts and fitting.


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