We are pleased to announce that we are now able to sell our parts via Amazon. Isnt that cool? BUT what does this mean for you? Our customers?

Well for starters it means that a large portion of our listed Amazon parts will be available for those lucky people with a Prime account. 24 Hour parts? – YES PLEASE.

Not only that but with Amazon we offer lower prices than retail. So not only will you be getting great quality parts you will be getting them at a fraction of the cost of the RRP price.

All items showing on Amazon will be in stock and ready for dispatch. This is a key one for us as there are a handful of part’s we need to special order in and they can come with some serious waiting times. We know you guys do not like having to wait for parts and that is totally understandable, making the switch to Amazon ensures you will have your parts within a few days or for those lucky Prime account holders, the very next day.

And it gets better, as soon as you purchase your item via us you will be instantly updated with its shipping status, this will continue until the item is placed firmly in your hand. Cool, right.

Not happy with the parts you received? That’s fine. Amazon offers 24-hour customer service. If you are unsatisfied with your order, have received the wrong part or just decide you do not want it anymore you can return it. All you need to do is either arrange pick-up or simply drop it back to your local post office.

Easy and convenient shopping at the touch of a button. Perfect.

At the moment we have a selection of Grilles and Fog lamps listed with more parts to be added over the coming weeks. As usual, any questions, drop us a line on [email protected] / 020 8598 9115Amazon-Tings-(2-of-8) Grilles-and-Fogs-(74-of-108) Grilles-and-Fogs-(31-of-108)