Once upon a time there was this poor old Z4 that was being driven around completely stock yearning for modifications to be carried out. Until one day the owner was searching the internet looking for such a place that would be able to take this cute little car and turn it into something that was oozing finesse.  A couple of Google searches later he stumbled across a small company specialising in BMW's based in the heart of Romford. He gave them a call and and no sooner than he had hung up the phone, he found himself driving to said company. He drops the car off, hands over the keys for some styling modifications and patiently awaits to see what the team have in store for him.

Z4-(1-of-1) Z4-(2-of-25) Z4-(5-of-25) Z4-(12-of-25) Z4-(15-of-25) Z4-(21-of-25)


We feel the results speak volumes. Lowered 30mm all around and sitting  on Alpina wheels with evenly matched spacers, give this car the stance it should of had when it left the factory in Germany. Carbon front splitter, side blades and carbon fibre look exhaust tips in conjunction with the standard chrome details contrast beautifully leaving you looking over the car for more subtle details. The exhaust note was something the customer also wanted to change. Being that this car has a 3.0 engine lurking under the bonnet it would be borderline criminal to not unleash the muted tones that hide within.